Кто я такой/About me

Hi there !

My name is Paul and i am the inspirator, coordinator, and owner of the project called PodPaulRadio.

I started working on the radio in 1999. And yes i am russian. But no worries, cause all commies are left behind and now i live in USA and still dj`ing on Russian radio station based in NYC. This side project was born in 2017. And it is dedicated to the power of music, that always helps us to feel ourselves better even if we try to fly with a broken wing. I have tried many ways of being close to the audience through the podcasts, but nowadays i see that live air shows are more convenient and powerful. You feel the audience even though you can`t see it. Live airs are random and i hope that i will post a schedule soon. But as a pirate, as an invisible person i must obey to our codex and be sudden as storm=) So, stay tuned, stick around and let there be Rock and even Roll =)